SWTOR Update 7.0.1 Brings Season 14 PvP Rewards, which contains a bunch of general improvements, balance changes and bug fixes. In terms of general improvements, you can now drag and drop items from the inventory window to any of your gear slots and vice versa.

The item preview buttons in the Cartel Market and Collection windows are always visible when players can preview items. The Level 60 Character Ascension Tutorial has been removed, as the Level 60 Character Ascension Token has been removed, so the tutorial is no longer required. Players will need to use these missions to earn SWTOR Credits.
The icons for fighting style fans no longer change when players are grouped. There are many tasks assigned in the game, so if players are afraid of trouble, they can go to buy SWTOR Credits, IGGM is a reliable choice. This site has a 100% secure online payment system and is currently issuing large SWTOR Credits coupons. hurry up!